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Life at Mann Technologies

Life at Mann Technologies

Mann Technologies believes in employee satisfaction and promotes an open working environment, work life balance, team work and fun at work. Mann Technologies encourages a transparent working environment where employees can directly communicate with the management. Mann Technologies provides an excellent environment for all-round development of the employees by:

Development Plan

To support building a culture based on values, we have a number of ongoing programs. Most of these programs are autonomously managed by employees.

  • Mann family celebrates all major festivals and events in high spirits. We organize ‘open house’ every month which is an open forum where our employees are free to free to voice their opinion and share their ideas, so that others also reap the benefits of their experience and expertise which only adds to the progress of the organization.
  • We value the importance of every individual associated with us. At Mann Technologies, we strongly believe in Team-work, our employees work in teams leading to healthy interactions, less team conflicts, and a friendly environment at work resulting in excellent work output.
  • We also organize events and competitions for its employees to ensure the spirit of liveliness never fades away.
  • At Mann Technologies, we have a very fair and transparent atmosphere which works basis on merits and not by extraneous factors. Dedication towards work is the focus of every employee. A transparency between employees is encouraged with a good understanding between the management and the employees. Hard work is always rewarded and new ideas and experimentation of those ideas is always encouraged.
  • We have the advantage of being situated in Noida, an IT hub. We boast of a sound infrastructure in our present office, spacious cubicles, good lighting and 24hr power backup, latest hardware and well equipped systems with excellent network management.