Outsourcing & Support

Outsourcing & Support


To ensure success, outsourcing must be a strategic decision - not a mere life preserver or short-term revenue-booster.

Strategic Outsourcing is a complete, definitive guide to both the immediate tactical issues and the long term growth strategy of an organization. We propose niche software and innovative solutions for organizations.

We help them identifying the right application and provide them with adequate support, such that transparency is maintained in all components outsourced.


Account management plays a very important role in the communication between the customer and the factory. The account manager makes sure that client really gets what he wants and that the software factory delivers the performance he expected. Also, the account manager makes sure that the relationship between client and the software factory is optimal. If clients have any wishes with regard to software, the account manager will try to make these wishes come true.

The client can have direct contact with the development team in the software factory. This allows client to resolve any technical issues with the people who are developing his software. Direct contact is highly desirable and required during software development. Mann Technologies will help you to introduce right model to interact with your client. The Mann Technologies communication method guides both the development team in the software factory and the customer in their contacts. Because of the possibility of direct communication the customer is able to closely follow the progress in the development of the software.

Mann Technologies helps organizations that are searching for ways to improve the quality of their software development. Today, nearly every organization deploys one or more systems that are ‘mission-critical’. To be able to support mission critical systems, Mann Technologies operates an ‘express’ support service which is available 24 hours a day.

Special teams have been formed that are ready to support you when it is required. These teams can fix the problem in the factory; they can remotely (through Internet) solve the problem, or the team can ‘fly in’ and solve the problem on site.

Mann Technologies provides an effective and lean organization that does not demand from you to pay the overhead of an office in your vicinity. There are software houses that try to convince you that the software house has an office close to you. However, this local office only forms a dangerous bottleneck between you and the people that can really help you! Mann Technologies has shortcut this situation with its ‘express' service support scheme.

Outsourcing Methodology

The information technology World is currently witnessing the outsourcing revolution. India is the centerpiece of this revolution. The Indian software industry generates in excess of 7 Billion USD of revenue annually, 70% of this figure is generated through outsourced projects.

India has more than 300 universities; many of them enjoy excellent international reputations. Therefore we have a trained and highly skilled base of close to a million programmers. The universities and the engineering schools churn out tens of thousands more every year.

Owing to the such a scale or operations, development in India in general and specifically with the Mann Technologies offers a significant cost advantage to our customers. But more importantly, our software solutions are known for their quality and quick turnaround time.

Therefore we deliver quality solutions fast and we price them competitively. Furthermore, we have a simple risk-management pay plan. This plan ensures that first-time customers schedule their payments according to their convenience.

Mann Technologies has extensive experience in outsourcing and even provides software operations consulting to other companies. We have executed outsourcing projects from the Americas, Europe and Australia. The Outsourcing is based on two Models:

  1. The person-hr model
    In this case, the client subcontracts logical units of work to us. A logical unit may be the entire project itself. A logical unit may even include a single program or module. Our consultants analyze the work in terms of person-hrs required and then submit a cost estimate against the same on the basis of pre-decided cost figures.
  2. The complete outsource model
    In this case, the customer outsources or subcontracts the entire project to the Mann Technologies on an analyze, develop, install, support basis.

Mann Technologies can submit a consolidated quote against the scope of work.

Mann Technologies also provides a rate-contract facility to its customers. In this case, the Mann Technologies agrees to lock its development rates for a mutually acceptable period in exchange for committed levels of business.

Mann Technologies also offers and provides assistance in complete software development activity to the factory in India.


  • We bring the skill and knowledge to you
  • The solution delivered to the client is by you
  • You gain on the experience with us
  • Knowledge remains in your hands
  • Quality is looked after by us
  • We are a team with respect to the client, so our work is that of team work
  • Our costs are low
  • Our support is constant