Our Team

Our Team comprises young and enterprising talent from various areas of IT who have a rich set of experience in Object-oriented Programming, Application Programming, System Programming, Database Applications, etc and have expertise in latest technologies like WAP, XML and, EJB.

Board of Directors

Sushil Chaudhary, Managing Director

Sushil Chaudhary, Managing DirectorLeadership in thought, action and strategy are the main ingredients for success in a company. It is Sushil’s charge to add these basic ingredients to the mix at Mann-India.

After qualifying as an Engineer and gaining a few years of experience in the field, Sushil set up Mann Technologies with the view to creating not only excellent businesses but also with the hope of keeping alive the family tradition of values and goodwill.

He finished his B.E. from the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (Class of 1997).

Sushil has been the leader of the company in terms of breaking new frontiers in thought and creating new business opportunities as well as reinventing the company and adapting it to changing times and scenarios. Sushil’s role at Mann Technologies is to inspire, strategies and lead the company. Sushil’s leadership and Latin American initiative helped us to consolidate what was previously just an idea… the idea of creating a slice of India in Latin America.
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Noor Qazi, Director

Noor Qazi, DirectorNoor comes from an engineering background. He finished his B.E. from the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (Class of 1997). Noor started his career with Citibank and then moved on helping to found Mann Technologies. Noor is charged with ensuring that continuous innovation remains a part of Mann-India’s DNA.

He is Mann-India’s resident specialist in the art of translating real-world business needs into world-class solutions.

Noor's innovation in technology has allowed us to lead amongst all our competitors. His analytical strength and knowledge in the constant changing environments of technology has ensured quick delivery turnarounds, well-trained teams and satisfied clients.

Noor was the chief solutions architect for our Mobile payments platform which, in many respects, is unique at the global level. And this is the edge that Mann-India demonstrates in every implementation it does.

Roopam Shyam Gupta, Director

Roopam Shyam Gupta, DirectorRoopam is an engineer from the class of 1998. He was working with STG prior to helping start Mann Technologies. He  has been involved in client implementations globally. Roopam has also assumed different roles at Mann Technologies. He has looked after operations and engineering at different times.

Being a LATAM specialist has many aspects. Developing a highly efficient operational model suited to the geography has been a key success factor in our business.  Client interaction, management and user base management in Latin America requires skills best learned with great diligence in Latin America itself!! Roopam's patience has made us excel in this vital aspect of our business. 

Roopam's other key contribution has been to ensure customer satisfaction and our record in this area is proof of his continued success in this regard.

Lathika Regunathan, Director

Lathika Regunathan, DirectorLathika has had a rich and varied education first at the Lady Shriram College for Women and then at the Delhi School of Economics (class of 2000). She has worked at the Johns Hopkins institute before helping to create Mann Technologies.

Lathika has been looking after forecasting financial demand for Mann Technologies and in strategizing and bringing relationships with potential financial institutions, however her role goes beyond the obvious in the sense that she is charged with vetting ideas and scenarios.

She has an instinctive feel for business and she is best at extrapolating situations and analyzing their merits and demerits. Therefore, she is charged with charting business direction and evaluating new frontiers and initiatives at Mann Technologies. Lathika is also Mann-India’s resident specialist in the art of creating new markets. She has demonstrated this in Colombia and many other markets.