VeCe™ (Vendor Customer Enablement) is a web based product from Mann Technologies Technologies which helps companies to interact with their business partner in the real time scenario. VeCe™ connects customers, vendors and trading partners in real-time in order to create sales orders, RFQs, purchase orders and customer & vendor self-service processes. VeCe™ (Pronounced “We See” meaning that the stakeholder is able to see information pertaining to his account) is a rugged and scalable web application to provide a role based self-service real-time insightful business collaboration to interact in highly secured environment leveraging your SAP installed base. The application is particularly suitable for organizations which depend heavily on their supply chain for their business and aim for a high level of customer satisfaction.

VeCe™ components encapsulate various business processes and transactions that enterprise needs for Sales order Management, Procurement & Vendor Management. These components enable to vastly simplify and accelerate the creation of enterprise applications, resulting in efficient and cost-effective deployment of systems.

VeCe™ allows maximizing the return on investment in existing enterprise software systems. It enables companies to strengthen relationships with customers and vendors, gain visibility across the enterprise and optimize the profit potential of company’s business process value chains.

Vendor Enablement

VeCe™ Vendor Interaction Solution helps to optimize procurement operations with an integrated, scalable Platform and business user interface that enables the full Procure-To-Pay process.

The Vendor Interaction Solution enables integration of business with vendors around the world, without compromising system security or information integrity. This allows vendors to view details of their RFQ, quotations, purchase order, Contracts, schedule line agreements and payment status on a 24x7 basis.

Customer Enablement

The VeCe™ Customer Interaction Solution provides best-in-class functionality for sales. By supporting customer-facing business processes across multiple interaction channels, VeCe™ enables organizations to focus on strategies for customer-driven growth and to differentiate themselves in the market by providing a superior customer experience.

With VeCe™ Interaction Solution, organization can capitalize on customer insight, improve front line efficiency and effectiveness, streamline critical business process across customer touch points, and quickly adapt to changing business and customer needs.

The customer has a secure, reliable and personalized access to catalogues, order status and information, ATP, and, of course, the ability to place orders online and also to check the status of the orders. Business partner-specific pricing is provided during order entry by integrating with the enterprise’s back-end application. One can check the delivery status, do his invoice analysis, and know due balance etc. among other things.

Order Management
  • VeCe™ enables Customer to access manufacturer’s order management system to perform functions like ordering products and spare parts and recording services performed. The portal has a user friendly interface that simplifies the ordering process.

Product Catalogue and Pricing
  • Manufactures can maintain data sheets and product catalogue for dealers to download from the portal. Price list for products and spare parts are also available online.

Status Reports
  • VeCe™ offers order tracking, invoice list, account statement and RMA tracking features.

Offers and News
  • Customer specific offers and news can be broadcast to ensure that dealers always have the latest and accurate information

Self Service
  • Business Partner Connect supports self service features for dealers to carry out transactions like creating service notifications, checking inventory, view order history and account statement download.

Alerts and Notification
  • Customer and manufacturers can create workflow, exchange messages and receive real-time alerts and notifications on orders and payments

Value Proposition Some of the most important characteristics of VeCe™ are:
  • Real-time Integration with SAP
  • Rapid deployment: 4-6 weeks
  • Supports all web application servers
  • Industry specific for Retail, Pharmaceuticals, automotive, FMCG etc.
  • Attractive Enterprise-wide/Business Partner based Licensing

Benefits We can add value to your organization in following ways:

  • Collaborate with suppliers in real time
  • Reduce purchasing cycle times
  • Track order status and fulfillment
  • Streamline and optimize business processes
  • Eliminate information redundancy, process delays, accounting errors and excessive paper work
  • Automate your total supply process
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Increase supplier satisfaction
  • Highly scalable

  • 24x7 order booking
  • Improve sales effectiveness
  • Leverage the Internet to strengthen business relationships
  • Information transparency for inventory/sales
  • Enable efficient order execution and tracking
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Highly scalable solution