Big Data is a megatrend impacting every facet of business decision making. With our experience converting big data into big insights, clients are reaping large bottom-line and top-line results.Be it large amounts of data (Volume), fast changing or streaming data (Velocity) or multiple types of data such as unstructured data (Variety), traditional analytics are combined with emerging analytics such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to connect data with business results.


  • Data Integration: The power of Big Data is multiplied manifold when different data sources are combined. We have the technical and business knowhow required to efficiently and effectively combine various data sources. Clients receive analytics ready data that is primed to deliver insights and drive decisions.

  • Data Warehousing: Setting up a Big Data ecosystem is a challenge. Data warehouses and data lakes are an essential component of these systems. An intelligently designed data warehouse meets your needs now and in the future.
  • Big Data Analytics: Extract insights from fast-moving data on the fly with big data analytics.
  • Data Visualization & BI: Data visualization turns raw data into meaning and meaning into understanding. Business Intelligence takes technology and translates it into the words of the business world. Together, these revolutionary tech applications clearly address your toughest questions.
  • Big Data Application Development Get customized big data applications designed to explore, analyze, and manage a wide range of data based on your needs. Data types that these applications can handle include streaming, traditional, and unconventional data that previously was difficult to incorporate.

Apache Hadoop

Our developers are well versed with Hadoop and we provide a distributed computing environment for larger data sets.

MongoDB Development

We have been working in compliance with MongoDB for the integration of data in different types of applications.

HBase Services

We have worked on numerous BigData projects and we provide high-end solutions for Hbase development.

Mahout Development

With our top-notch Mahout Development Services, we convert large amounts of data into manageable form.