With Crypton you can change the way you handle your financial transactions. It will change the way you organize your money in your wallets because CRYPTON lets you Exchange FIAT currency for crypto-currency and vice-versa. Transferring money from one wallet to another will be a hassle free task. You will also be able to seamlessly send, receive, buy and sell crypto-currency on-the-go. CRYPTON offers you many other critical features; some of which are – digitally recharging your wallet and checking transaction history.




The user can sign up in a very simple manner by using his valid email id and password.



You will be able to buy Bitcoin on Crypton, from your credit/debit card using our integrated payment gateway mechanism



Crypton allows you to receive Bitcoins in your wallet through another wallet. Wallet-to-wallet transfer.



CRYPTON provides two separate wallets one for holding the digital FIAT currency and other for Bitcoin.



You can only sell those Bitcoin stored in your wallet. The amount will be transferred to your Crypton FIAT wallet.



The Bitcoin you may have stored in your Crypton wallet can be sent to another Bitcoin wallet address.

Por que Crypton

Safe And Secure

High grade security for all your Transactions

No Account Charges

No Charge for creating and holding money in your account

Automated Buy And SellCompra y Venta Automatizadas

You can Specify price of Bitcoin to buy or sell. The trade happens whenever there is a seller/buyer who wants to trade at this price.

Trustworthy and Verified Network

All our members go through KYC,PAN Card and rigorous ID proof verification on sign up

Reliable Customer support

If things go wrong,contact our team in any channel-from Telegram to Reddit.You can raise Ticket at our support website.

Margin trading: Lend and Borrow Assets

Holding?Lead Your assets to gain interest.Trading?take a loan,multiply your profit

Easy to use for Beginners

Our simple UI is easy and pleasant to use,even if you are trading crypto for the first time. No need to waste time figuring out how things work