How Mann-Safe are transforming Insurance Industry?

Insurance firms are swamped with paperwork which includes domestic and commercial claims, appraisals, sales documents, and application forms to name a few. These forms are used both during field work and in office, and pose a challenge to the efficient functioning of any organisation.

Some of the challenges faced by organizations regarding paper work include the following:

1) Forms filled on the field have to be reproduced in office which results in validation issues.

2) Rules and regulations may require changes in the insurance processes and procedures, and the same may not be communicated fast enough to field agents.

3) Usage of electronics like laptops or electronic signatures in the field may prove to be burdensome and don’t necessarily improve the work flow.

Mann India’s Mann-Safe bring a whole new game to the table, and it is predicted that it will revolutionize the way the insurance industry operates. A mobile alternative provides a quick solution to bulky paper work and offers more efficient processes.

Here are a few ways in which Mann-Safe are helping the insurance firms do business:

1) Improves efficiency of data: Mann-Safe reduce error by immediately identifying and prompting the user to fix any errors which might occur while filling the form. Secondly it minimizes human error as data does not have to be copied from the form onto the system. Thirdly, claims can be filled out instantly by field staff and sent back to the office, to clients, and policyholders.

2) Ease of Process: Managers handling accounts of various stake holders are able to view data in real time instead of waiting for documents to be brought to the office and processed. This data can then be reproduced and presented to the management as and when required.

3) Agility: If rules and regulations of an insurance firm changes, the paper work involved also have to change. With Mann-safe which can easily adapt to this change, makes the overall process easy. As the industry transforms over years, Mann-Safe app and are quickly and easily adjusted to fit changing business models.

4) Improved Customer Service: Less time is spent waiting for forms to be processed. Information is developed, adjusted, and processes instantly.

5) Meeting deadlines: Insurance companies have strict deadlines to meet, as specified by clients, management etc. Information in real time reduces errors, saves hours in administrative costs, and lets your employees focus on the important matters: like client satisfaction and a job well done.

Mann-Safe is transforming the way an insurance industry works. There is no clearer solution for paper-based companies that are struggling to make business operations more efficient. Mann-Safe apps allow insurance companies to work at their maximum capacity, offering the fastest, most proficient service in their industry.

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