Software Factory is specialized form of Business Process Outsourcing. The client outsources his Software or Information Technology Department in full or in part. We at Mann Technologies have tailored this Software Factory model to suit Latin and South American market. Under this umbrella of Software Factory we have assembled a range of business offerings and service models. To name a few of them:

  •  On-Site
  •  Off-Shore
  •  Near Shore
  •  Managed offerings
  •  Consulting Services

Mann Technologies service delivery model is based on the Software factory model of development. The Software factory model of development has the following key differentiates:

  •  Separate the Focus on vertical knowledge acquisition from technical expertise.
  •  Allow cross-functional competence grow to have an ever growing pool of resources.
  •  Employ stringent scientific metrics collection processes across functional domains to increase efficiencies
  •  Robust and strong HR focus to ensure constant availability of resources for quick ramp up and retention.