At Mann Technologies, we understand that business goals and technology are inseparable.Our finely honed business consulting capabilities focus keenly on defining, optimizing and aligning customers' business strategy with IT initiatives. 
Our consultants take you through the intricacies of change management and invite you to view the merits of various technologies. Only then, we craft unique business processes strategy and an executable plan to optimize enterprise profitability, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs that propel your business forward and deliver tangible value. 


Mann Technologies provides consulting support to technology companies in the areas of software process engineering and quality management. The aim of such services is to support organizations in their attempt to become more productive and ensure efficient software development. Thus, helping them produce software of globally accepted standards.The Mann Technologies package for software technology companies can be broadly classified in the following areas:

  •  Education: 'On the job' training and 'in-house' courses
  •  Communication Definition/Client interaction/Requirement Management
  •  Quality (CMM model)
  •  Technical orientation
  •  Training Programmers: Phases of the software development life cycle
  •  Software development methodology and institutionalization of processes.
  •  Tools and techniques (CMM Methodology and techniques)
  •  Resource establishment plan
  •  CMM Certification


This strategic engagement is designed for companies currently practicing processes that are aligned to the company goals but need to be assessed for its effectiveness and better return on investments. This assessment is designed to determine how customer can be assured of practices and processes to be consistent while making its operations consistent with industry best practices. At the end of this assessment, Customer will have a strategy for bringing its business processes up to industry best practices, as well as a complete deployment plan.


We help organizations strategize their business processes to be aligned with their long-term strategies for growth. We help in ensuring that processes achieve the objectives they are designed for, so that they become a source of competitive advantage for the customer. We undertake a comprehensive analysis of business processes to identify inefficiencies and suggest improvements. This is done by mapping processes at the level of activities, identifying roles of different agencies in activities and defining the need of every activity. Widespread participation of customer teams is made mandatory. This helps in driving change through the organization and ensures that improvements suggested are internalized and implemented making the program successful and sustainable.


Strategic planning and strategy are a perpetual challenge for, and expectation of, the IT leader 'When and how do you do it?' 'Who should govern it?' 'How can you be sure it best meets the needs of the business?' 'What does it look like when completed?' 'How long does a strategy last?' Our team helps answer those questions and provides guidance for what is clearly the most complex and high-level function of the IT executive position setting information technology investment priorities that are aligned with business goals. Strategic alignment how closely an organization's IT strategy is matched with its overall business strategy is a consequence of IT strategic planning. We help plan strategy by imagining the desired future and analyzing the present—they identify the gaps between the two and draw a road map for closing them. We consider competition, technology and risk. The IT strategy offered by Mann Technologies focuses on achieving this alignment.